How do I contact an owner?

A vehicle has caught your eye 💘?

Here's how to contact the owner...and good news, it's free and there are no strings attached!


I want to send my rental request

On the vehicle listing, fill in your trip dates and click on "Contact the owner";

  1. Create your account. If you are already signed up, click on "Log in";
  2. Fill out the contact form: number of travelers, rental dates, departure and arrival times, etc...;
  3. Leave a message for the owner;
  4. Click on "Contact the owner"

Well done! Your request has been sent.

The owner is immediately notified of your request. You will receive a response within 48 hours max.


I want to talk with the owner once my request has been sent:

Once your request is sent, you have two ways to talk with the owner:

📞 You can contact the owner by phone. You have access to their phone number in the details of your rental request. Log in to your account and go to "My bookings", "Current and upcoming", "Details". The owner's number is indicated in the "About the owner" box.

📩 To respond to the owner by message, log in to your account and go to "My bookings", "Current and upcoming", "Details". Next, click on the envelope in the top right corner: you are now in your private messages and can talk directly with the owner.



I'm not able to select the dates that I want

When the vehicle is not available, the date is crossed out with a gray background:



This means that the owner has already rented out the vehicle for those days or wants it for their personal use.

The date can also be crossed out if the owner only accepts rentals for a minimum of 7 days, for example. You may only rent for a minimum of 7 days.

💡 Quick tip: during your search, if you specify your trip dates, we will only show you vehicles that are available for that period.



Find the vehicle that works best for you! 🚌



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