How do I pay for my rental?

Your booking request has been accepted and you want to confirm it?

As soon as the owner accepts your request, their vehicle is reserved for you for 4 days. It's now your turn to act ⏱️


Here are the steps to follow to pay for your booking 💶

  1. Log in to your Account;
  2. Go to "My bookings", then "Current and upcoming";
  3. Click on "Details" of the rental request in question;
  4. Click on "Pay", under the total rental price;
  5. Follow all the steps of the booking confirmation;
  6. Once you get to step 5, choose your secure payment method;
    *Credit/Debit card
    *Credit/Debit card, payment in multiple installments if your departure is more than 60 days away
    *Amex (€10 payment fee)
    *Paypal (€10 payment fee)
    *Bank transfer (€5 payment fee)
    *Gift certificate
    *French vacation vouchers

Your booking is confirmed as soon as your payment has been received.

⚠️ For rental starting less than 10 days, the payment cannot be made by bank transfer.


Payment by credit/debit card in multiple interest-free installments

You're confirming a rental that starts in more than 60 days and you would like to stagger your payments at no additional cost? It's possible when you select payment by Credit/debit card in multiple interest-free installments at step 5 "Payment".

A payment distribution will be proposed according to your confirmation date and your departure date. The payment schedule is clearly displayed at the choice of payment method step.

If you would like to confirm this method of payment, click on "Validate and pay".


Payment by American Express

You want to pay for your booking with an American Express card? Choose "American Express" at step 5 "Payment", then click on "Validate and pay".

Payment by Amex will redirect you to the secure platform Paypal.
You have to click on "Pay by card" and not "Log in". Only then can you enter your card number.


I want to pay by Gift Certificate or Credit

You must select the payment method "Gift Certificate" (or "Credit"), then enter your code and validate. This amount will be deducted from the total amount due.

🔍 If the Gift Certificate/Credit does not cover the total cost of the booking, you must pay the remaining amount, by selecting the payment method of your choice.


Would you like to give a gift certificate (webpage in French)? You can 🎁


I would like to use a promo code

It's as simple as saying hello 😉 When you are confirming your rental, at step 5 "Payment", you will see at the very top of the page a "Promo Code" box. You can enter the code you've received and validate it. Your booking total will be automatically recalculated.

⚠️ Once your booking has been paid, it is not possible to use a promotional code. The discount code must always be used before any payment.



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