What happens if the owner cancels my reservation?

We do our best to avoid the cancellation of your booking.

If the owner cancels your booking, you have several choices:

  • To rent another vehicle (subject to availability and with the agreement of the owner of the new vehicle). Our Customer Service is at your disposal to help you in your search and to propose you other available vehicles that meets your needs.

If the amount of the new booking is lower: you are refunded the difference, and if the amount of the reservation is higher: you must pay the difference.

  • Receive a refund for all amounts paid.

If the cancellation occurs less than 8 days before the departure:

  • Our Customer Service does its best to find a replacement vehicle that meets your needs and is available for your dates. A 10% Discount is offered on your new reservation (excluding insurance).
  • You can choose to be fully refunded


The Renter shall not be entitled to any other compensation by Wikicampers.

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