What do I do if the vehicle is damaged during my trip?

We are sorry that you're facing such a situation. Please consult our SOS Guide, in which you'll find all the useful information and contact details in the event of a problem during your trip.


In all cases

Whatever the circumstances of the accident, you must inform the owner and fill out the property inspection and the damage report (via the mobile app or the paper rental contract) when you return the vehicle.

When returning the vehicle, owner and renter will do the return property inspection and inventory together.

📲 You're using the mobile app

The rental contract documents and the photos are sent to us automatically, you have nothing else to do!

✍️ You're using the paper rental contract

Take photos and fill out, together with the owner, the document titled Damage report, page 5 of the rental contract. The 5 pages of the rental contract and the photos must be sent within 48 hours to 📧assurance@wikicampers.fr.

The Insurance Service will confirm within 2 working days that it has received your damage report and will inform you of your claim follow-up.

:email: Remember to check your email inbox as well as your spam folder to make sure that you are receiving emails from the insurance team, who will keep you updated on your claim's progress.

🔎 Check on the progress of your claim directly from your account in "My claims".


In the event of damages to the interior of the vehicle

Interior damages are covered by the insurance only if you purchased the Serenity + option, up to a limit of €1000 with a deductible of €100.

If you did not purchase this option before departure, interior damages are covered by your security deposit.


In the event of theft, attempted theft or vandalism

📧 You must file a complaint within 24 hours with the appropriate authorities and send us a copy of the complaint at assurance@wikicampers.fr.


In the event of a fuel or water tank error

📋 If you've put fuel in the water tank: first and foremost, do not circulate fuel in the water pipes! Do not turn on any faucet to try to minimize the damage! You must inform the owner and draw up a damage report with them when you return the vehicle.

This type of damage is not due to a traffic collision and is not covered by insurance. The repairs will be covered by your security deposit.


In the event of an accident with an identified third party

An insurance accident report must be filled out and sent to Wikicampers at assurance@wikicampers.fr.

The following information should be included on the insurance accident report on insert n° 8 "Société d'Assurance" ('Insurance Company'):


N° de contrat: 58722587
It is not necessary to fill in the other lines of insert n°8.


To help you fill out the insurance accident report, you can check out the following page (in French): https://www.allianz.fr/assurance-auto/conseils-pratiques/remplir-un-constat-amiable/


Will insurance cover the accident?

Insurance intervenes in the event of an accident covered by the insurance terms and conditions (mainly damages that result from a traffic collision), when the repair costs quote submitted is more than the deductible.

The deductible and the €50 handling fee per accident are your responsibility. Multiple deductibles may be applied in the event of non-concurrent events.

For example: You have unintentionally hit a wall while backing out of a parking spot. The camper has a broken bumper and the right side is damaged for a total of €4500. You would be liable for a deductible and the €50 handling fee. Our insurance partner covers the remainder.

In the event that the repairs for a covered accident cost less than the insurance deductible, only the cost of repairs is your responsibility.

For example: You parked the vehicle in a parking lot and noticed that the rearview mirror is broken when you return. At the end of the rental, the owner sends us all the documents necessary to open a claim, which you've filled out together, as well as a repair quote of up to €600. In this case, the repairs cost less than the deductible, and you are liable for the total cost of repairs.


👀 Will there be an expert assessment?

If the cost of repairs exceeds the insurance deductible of €1500 and is for a covered accident (mainly those that result from a traffic collision), our insurance partner will commission an expert to assess the repair costs.

It is up to the owner to set up an appointment with the expert that suits them. You should contact the owner if you wish to attend.


💶 What happens to my security deposit?

Our insurance team will email you to inform you of the portion of the cost you have to pay and inform you of the debit of your security deposit.

Your security deposit is held until the claim is closed. Claims are closed on receipt of the expert assessment report and/or the invoice that decides the final cost of repairs.

:email: Remember to check your email inbox as well as your spam folder to make sure that you are receiving emails from the insurance team, who will keep you updated on your claim's progress.

🔎 Check on your claim's progress directly from your account in "My claims".


Please read all the terms and conditions of insurance on the Insurance page of our website.




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