What do I do if the vehicle breaks down?

We are sorry that you are facing such a situation. We know that you did not imagine your vacation like this. You will find in our SOS Guide all the useful information and contact details in the event of a problem during your trip.

If the vehicle has broken down or been in an accident and is unable to move, stop in a safe place, get yourself and your travel companions to safety and contact the assistance service, available 24/7. The phone number is in the SOS Guide 📞

The assistance service will be the only representative that may act to carry out your contract's coverage and help you. Be patient, it can sometimes take a long time in the summer months.

In the event of a breakdown on the highway, only breakdown mechanics authorized by the highway company have access to the roads: you must go to the closest emergency telephone, while respecting safety regulations.

Wikicampers must be notified quickly by email at 📧 assurance@wikicampers.fr so that we may accompany you in the next steps of your claim. We also recommend that you inform the vehicle's owner.



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