How do I submit my security deposit?

The security deposit varies depending on the insurance option chosen. Funds do not leave your account.


I want to submit my security deposit when I pay for my booking

When you confirm and pay for your booking, you have to validate several steps, the last one is for the security deposit.

If you have paid by credit/debit card, your card information will automatically be saved for the imprint.

If you choose a different payment method, you will be asked to submit your card information for the imprint at step 6 "Security deposit".


I've already paid for my booking and I need to submit my security deposit

It must be done by credit/debit card imprint, before your rental starts. Here are the steps to follow:

1- Log in to your Account;

2- Go to "My bookings", then "Details";

3- Click on "Submit my security deposit".


Why am I not able to submit my security deposit?

You've already entered your card information and your security deposit has not been saved? Here are a few leads to figure out why 🕵️‍♀️:

- The expiration date of your credit/debit card is before the return date of your rental → You should submit the security deposit with a different card or when you receive your new card.

- One of the numbers are wrong → Please redo the steps of submitting your security deposit.

- The Secure 3D code must be active → Please contact your bank to activate your Secure 3D code.



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