What should I do to prepare for my departure?

Finally, the big day is getting close! 😎

Here are the final steps before hitting the road!


Step 1: A few days or weeks before departure, you must set up time and place to meet up with the owner. 📞


Step 2: On departure day, you must sign the rental contract and do the property inspection and inventory with the owner. It is important to do it in bright light and to take your time (1.5-2 hours), so that you can get on the road safely and calmly. Here's some more information on the rental contract. 🖊📷


Step 3: Remember to prepare your backpack (or suitcase) 🎒 carefully and if you need practical tips and/or guides, we'll tell you more below:

- Our online store offers a selection of guides, maps and accessories tested and approved by the WikiTeam (in French).

-Our blog (in French) is filled with great tips and tricks written by us.


You're ready!!! Have a great trip 🚌



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