How do I update my phone number?

Here's how to update your phone number 📞:

1- Log in to your Account;

2- Go to "Personal information";

3- You will have access to the phone number on file. You can now change it.


🔒 The grayed-out field is stopping you from updating it? No worries!

Your telephone number is a piece of information that allows Wikicampers to identify you. Therefore, we ask that when you create your account that you certify it by a secret code sent by text message.


📧 Please contact the Wikicampers customer service by email at to unblock this option.

In this email, please give the following information:

  • Last name and first name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Your old phone number

Once the WikiTeam unblocks it, you will be able to update your number in "Personal information".



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